I am based in Los Angeles, California, in the downtown LA arts district. I work out of a private studio. Details are given out when you book.

I also travel often to various places. That information can be found by subscribing to my newsletter that I send out 2-3 times a month with updates on travels, locations and openings before I put it out to any other media.


Please use the contact page and fill out all information asked of. I book one to two months out at a time depending on life, but do not be afraid to inquire about openings sooner. In LA I generally book appointments 4-5 days a week, starting between 2pm and 6pm. Earlier or later are occasionally possible for special circumstances.


Single sessions can be priced individually, but larger work is hourly. Details will be discussed in emails.

Most reasonable budgets can be accommodated whether with adjustments, which is not a problem since designs are drawn on when you are there to make it work just right for you, or by breaking work up into sessions. Larger work is generally multiple sessions for both our well being.

All bookings require a $100, non refundable, deposit that can be paid by card in the online store, the rest is cash only. Deposits will be taken off the cost at the last session unless you did not show for an appointment. I understand emergency situations so please let me know as soon as possible if rescheduling is needed, generally 48 hours minimum is needed to move your deposit.


First step is to message me through this site where we will go over what you want, pricing etc. When you come in you will have sent in any reference already. We won’t discuss it online. We will discuss it when you are present. I will then draw it on directly until we are both happy with it. Then we will start to tattoo. The process can be scary, pens always look much more intense that the tattoo. It may also be scary if there is more than one session needed. Sometimes it is just line work when you leave and I choose to leave it loose and not waste time on making something perfect that is not needed to be. Also I work in black and grey exclusively these days. This is the way 99% of the tattoos you have seen me do is done, the occasional portrait is done by stencil.

Also please do not bring a crowd. This is a private studio, only one other person is allowed with you if you need company. Please bring any necessary snacks and water to sustain yourself and have eaten well before. Think of it like a marathon, you need energy to sustain. Also please be clean for your session with comfortable clothing that will enable you to be tattooed easily.